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Below are some of the murals adorning at the Main Lobby of The Negros Museum

The murals were done by local Negrense artists, all members of the AAB - Art Association of Bacolod.


The Babaylan was not only a traditional healer but a repository of all tribe's stories. Painted by Rosendo Aguilar

Rivermouth Trading
Komersyo sa Baba sang Suba

Early Negrense enjoyed trade with each other. They bartered marine products, prestige goods, tradewares, timber, honey, beeswax and other materials.
Painted by Marcial Buelba

A Tumandok Backyard
Ugsaran sang Tumandok

The early Negros inhabitants had a subsistence kind of agriculture.
Painted by Rex Cuenca


The early Negrense used spears, nets, and traps to to catch fish, the same methods local fishermen still use to this day.
Painting by Romulo Gallermo